What is the best way to handle _grokparsefailure errors

I can see there are some _grokparsefailure errors in the kibana console, i want to know what is the best way to handle these errors?

@shroh It usually means either the grok processor (if you are using the ingest pipeline) or the grok filter (if you are using Logstash) is misconfigured to handle your streaming data. You should fix your grok PATTERNS to correctly parse your data.

After you can either use the reindex api with a custom ingest pipeline to fix your data or use Logstash and the elasticsearch input to correctly parse the existing data tagged with a _grokparsefailure

How do we do this? Is there any option to use conditionals for further processing of these errors? I saw some post in the past (somebody doing that), but not sure what was the intention. Basically i want to know about any _grokparse failures before hand .

In logstash you can catch theses events using a conditional like this:

if "_grokparsefailure" in [tags] {
# do something

The do something, can be anything:

  • you can add another instance of the grok filter to parse it with other patterns,
  • or you could use the same conditions in the output section of your configuration to send the events to another index.

These errors usually just mean that you need to add more rules to process your data.


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