What is the best way to logging any errors in nodejs application?


Can you confirm me what is the best way to logging any errors in javascript (I mean in frontend applications, in web client browser) I would like to know when the application doesnt work in any devices (mobile, ipad, browser, etc..)

Thank you very much!

The question does not seem related to #elasticsearch. Could you explain why you think it is?

Uhm because I want to logging the errors and put all of them in elastic.
But a difference of the others services (backends) I would like to know how I can logging this kind of javascript errors in browser to elasticsearch.

Thank you very much!

I have no idea. May be JS gurus know? :slightly_smiling_face:

you should be able to log data into elastic using the REST API or just simply use the javascript client

Thank you for the answer :slight_smile:

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