What is the best way to monitor log sources?

(Anuj Shrivastava) #1

Please suggest the best way of monitoring log sources, If any log source not sending logs more than 5 minutes then how can I get alerted or notified.

for Ex:

if any windows server is not sending logs for more than 5 minutes or if any Firewall log source is not sending logs for more than 5 minutes then i should get and alert.

(Mark Walkom) #2

Have a look at https://github.com/elastic/examples/tree/master/Alerting/Sample%20Watches/system_fails_to_provide_data

(Anuj Shrivastava) #3

HI Warkolm,

Thanks for your Reply,

Its working for me, but as usual i have multiple Indices and i need to monitor them all using single watcher, and i trying to print the message like if {ctx.metadata.watcherui.index} one of the index is not reporting then i should get an alert.

Please let me know how i can monitor all Indices using single watcher.

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