What is the best way to represent a data using grok when an emailid is inside a quoted string?

We have got the predefined grok expressions EMAILADDRESS and QUOTEDSTRING available in elasticsearch/kibana

In my log I have the pattern
fromemailid="shi@gmail.com" toemailid="ela@gmail.com"

What is the best way to represent them so that elasitcsearch can give more meaningful information

fromemailid=%{QUOTEDSTRING,frommail} toemailid=%{QUOTEDSTRING,tomail}


fromemailid="%{EMAILADDRESS,frommail}" toemailid="%{EMAILADDRESS,tomail}"


fromemailid="(?{EMAILADDRESS})" tomailid="(?{EMAILADDRESS})"


Are all the above patterns equivalent?

They are definitely not the same, see https://github.com/elastic/elasticsearch/blob/7.14/libs/grok/src/main/resources/patterns/grok-patterns#L19 and https://github.com/elastic/elasticsearch/blob/7.14/libs/grok/src/main/resources/patterns/grok-patterns#L4 respectively.

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