What is the difference between 7.17.8 and 7.17.9

Hi Team, My current elasticsearch version is 7.17.8, it seems there is a new patch version released 7.17.9. Trying to figure the differences between 7.17.8 and 7.17.9 versions, are there any security vulnerabilities that are addressed or any other specific issues fixed in 7.17.9 version ?

I looked at this release notes, but couldn't able to figure what I am looking.

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Without additional context or information, it is difficult to determine the specific products, software, or systems you are referring to with version numbers 7.17.8 and 7.17.9. Version numbers typically follow a standard format that includes major, minor, and patch numbers, and changes in these numbers indicate different types of updates or releases.

In general, a change in the patch number (the third number in the version) typically indicates a minor bug fix or security update, while a change in the minor number (the second number in the version) typically indicates new features or significant improvements. A change in the major number (the first number in the version) typically indicates a major release with significant changes or a complete overhaul of the software or system.

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