What is the difference between processor add_fields and regular "fields:"

I am using filebeat (docker 7.4.1).

1)What is the difference between processor add_fields and regular "fields:"

  1. Also, I am using autodiscover for nginx/mongo containers AND regular filebeat.input of type container for all other container logs. I do not have a very good inbuilt field/property to differentiate between these two types so that I can exclude autodiscover containers from regular filebeat input of type containers.
    Is there a good way to achieve this? Therefore I was wondering if I could add a custom field to be used in include_lines.

Appreciate any pointers.

Here are 2 links to answer your question add_fields, fields

  1. When you are defining processors with complex conditionals, you can use add_fields processor. However, fields are always added to events.

  2. You can tag events by input using fields. Note that fields are added to events after include_lines are applied. So it won't have any impact on your event processing.

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