What is the event hook to know when the dashboard dark theme changes?

I can't seem to find how to register a plugin to watch for the dark theme changing on a dashboard.

Dark mode in Kibana is an advanced setting which requires a full page refresh to change- your plugin should have access to the config API to read Kibana advanced settings.

Sorry should have said I'm using 6.6. We aren't upgrading for lots of reasons and in this version you can have each dashboard be saved individually with dark theme.

I'm asking for basically the equivalent of this in React.

$scope.$watch('state.options.darkTheme', newValue => {

Really just any way to know when the AppState changes.

I was unfamiliar with Kibana 6.6 so I checked the source. There is a DashboardStateManager instance used to toggle dark mode: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/blob/6.6/src/legacy/core_plugins/kibana/public/dashboard/dashboard_app.js#L111

The only way I see to access the current state is via $scope.getDashboardState().

Right, but again I need to know when it changes, not the current state.

Yes, I believe you can do something like the snippet you showed. It's angular.js code. Removing angular.js has been a major effort and is still ongoing.

I think you are misunderstanding. I know I can do what I've shown in the snippet. I'm asking how would one do this in React because I'm building a React plugin.

Kibana has been taking the approach recently of mixing Angular and React code in multiple layers. You could do the same.

Thanks for your help. I actually just found something where I wouldn't need to mix libraries. I knew you could mix libraries but I don't like doing that if I don't have to.

For anyone curious the AppState will emit "save_with_changes" and the keys will be what has changed.

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