What is the max id for rollover in index name


I have created index with rollover policy (with 9 digits: 000000001) :

PUT /<my-index-{now/d}-000000001>

After rollover it create the new index with 6 digits: 000002

Is there a way to increase the number of digits to 9 instead 6?

How frequently is your index rolling over? If we assume you roll over once per hour, which is very frequent, 999999 indices will last you 114 years. Why would you need 9 digits?

My rule is per 40GB max shard size.
I am indexing more than 1TB per day.

Is it possible to increase it?

If we assume the data translates into 1TB of primary indices per day, that is 25 indices per day. With 999999 indices that corresponds to 109 years. Note that you also can configure the indices to have more than 1 primary shard, which would let each index hold more than 40GB according to your rule.

I still do not understand why you think this is an issue.

I do not think it is.

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