What is the meaning of brackets in an index name?

We are using heartbeat and I saw a data view like this:

Why is synthetics-data-view written in brackets?

Hi @mbby

There is a long explanation I have somewhere if I can find it ... If I recall, it is basically a leftover, and you can ignore it or remove it.

Technically, that is not an index name. It was supposed to be a synthetic data view name. You should be able to ignore it or remove it.

Would be great if you could find the documentation or explanation.
So the functionality isn't there anymore?

It is not in the documentation as far as I know, it was an internal conversation which I can not find.

Are you getting errors? Or is something not working? If so please provide the error messages or issues and perhaps we can address.

As to functionality no... There is no missing functionality.

If you want to create a datavieew with that naming convention as far as I know you can. It's just not what we normally do

So I could remove the part with the brackets?

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