🎉 What’s new in Elastic 8.14

:tada: What’s new in Elastic 8.14

Learn about Elastic 8.14 which includes the GA of ES|QL, improvements in vector search, new generative AI Attack Discovery security capabilities, and more.

Elastic Search helps developers implement modern search and discovery experiences. The 8.14 release includes significant speed gains and cost savings in vector search due to the GA of scalar quantization and vector-optimized hyperscaler hardware profiles, the tech preview of comprehensive retrieval augmented generation (RAG) tools for Elastic with OpenAI and Azure OpenAI, the GA of a large catalog of tooling enhancements for extracting, transforming, and loading data into Elastic, and more.

Elastic Observability transforms metrics, logs, and traces into actionable IT insights to unify observability across the digital ecosystem. The 8.14 release includes the GA of enhanced SLO management with cross-cluster SLOs, enhanced alerts and synthetics, the GA of enhanced AI Assistant features, and more.

Elastic Security unifies SIEM, endpoint security, and cloud security to detect, investigate, and respond to threats at cloud scale. The 8.14 release includes the tech preview of new generative AI Attack Discovery to pinpoint the most pressing threats in your environment, the GA of support for additional LLMs and AI Assistant functionality, and more.

As you know, all of Elastic’s out-of-the box solutions are built on one platform — the Elasticsearch platform. As a result, all users, regardless of use case, benefit from many core enhancements including the GA of ES|QL, designed and purpose-built from the ground up to greatly simplify data investigations. Powered by a new query engine, ES|QL delivers advanced search capabilities with concurrent processing, improving speed and efficiency, irrespective of data source and structure.

Other features include an API key-based security model for CCS/CCR, the GA of a data stream lifecycle feature, the GA of encryption at rest with customer-managed keys in AWS, and more.

General availability of:

More details are in the Elasticsearch platform highlights blog or in the 8.14 release notes

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Elastic 8.14 is available now on Elastic Cloud — the only hosted Elasticsearch offering to include all of the new features in this latest release.

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