What will happen when a node which was moved out of the cluster rejoins the cluster after the cluster re balance?

suppose i have cluster of 5 nodes and its status is green and out of 5 one node leaves the cluster and i have configured delayed shard allocation. After the shard time out of the delayed allocation the master promotes the one of the replica as a primary and allocates the unassigned shards and re balances the cluster. What will happen when a the node which has moved out of the cluster rejoins the cluster after all the re balancing of the cluster has been done? what about the shards present in the node which has rejoined the cluster?

They will most likely be removed and synchronized again I believe.

you mean all the shards of the re joined node will be garbage collected?

Most likely yes.
Although that might have changed recently with the sequence ids but I'm not sure.

@dadoonet okay Thank you . :slight_smile:

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