What's the equivalent of NEST's QueryBase.IsVerbatim property in Elastic.Clients.Elasticsearch (8.x)

NEST (7.x) client has QueryBase class, which in its turn has IsVerbatim boolean property. Hence, all derived query classes inherit it. However, query classes in Elastic.Clients.Elasticsearch (8.x) client don't inherit/define the same property.

What does this mean? Is it now 'true' by default? If using NEST I set IsVerbatim=true explicitly, what's the equivalent thing in Elastic.Clients.Elasticsearch (8.x)?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, @yansklyarenko.

The v8 client does not include the notion of conditionless queries, as such, there is no way to mark them verbatim. Every query is included in the request, even when v7 might have evaluated it as conditioneless, so in effect, everything is verbatim.

Got it! Thank you very much, @stevejgordon!

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