What's the Max Connection Numbers of TCP Transport Client

(WeiqiangYuan) #1

I am using the Java TransportClient to connect to ElasticSearch.
The code is just like the following demo:

Settings settings;
TransportClient transportClient = new TransportClient(settings);
new InetSocketTransportAddress("xxxx", "9300")));

My questions:

  1. I just open one transport client, the connection numbers of the ES server is increased by 42.
    Why just a transport consumes 42 tcp connections?
  2. How many tcp connections can the ES server hold? If I open many transport clients, for example 1000 transport clients, the tcp connection numbers will increase to a large number, can the ES server hold such many tcp connections?
  3. Is there any way to configure the max number of tcp connections for ES server?

Thank you!

(Utkarsh Pyne) #2

@whzcl Did you get answers to your questions? I'm even looking for the answers to similar questions?

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