What's the new FilterAggregator in the java client 8

hello guys ,
i'm having hard times trying to find a way to create a FilterAggregationBuilder in the new java client 8.11 , if anyone could point me te the solution i'll be grateful

        FiltersAggregationBuilder aggregation = AggregationBuilders
                        new FiltersAggregator.KeyedFilter("filter_one", authenticationAttemptQueryBuilder),
                        new FiltersAggregator.KeyedFilter("filter_two", failedAuthenticationAttemptQueryBuilder))

Hello again ! if anyone has insights or can point me towards relevent resources , it would be appreciated

I think it should be something like this:

client.search(sr -> sr.aggregations("agg_name",
        a -> a.filters(f ->
            f.filters(fr -> fr
                    "filter_one", Query.of(q -> q.term(tq -> tq.field("foo").value("bar"))),
                    "filter_two", Query.of(q -> q.term(tq -> tq.field("foo").value("baz")))
                ))))), Void.class);

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Thank you , that helped

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