When deleting by query api all my documents get deleted

Hi, I performed the same operation for 6 months to delete document older than 6 months with the delete by query api.

"query": {
"range": {
"created": {
"lte": "now-150d/d"

I don't know why but today all my documents get deleted with this request. I have a staging server with the same data and everything is OK. I don<t know if there is a safer way to delete data. I run that request every 10 minutes and it delete about 200 documents each time. But today this request delete over 1Million documents.

It often happens in such case that the user sent a bad request where the body is totally ignored so the query is "match_all"...

Can you see in your history exactly what you did?

Best thing to do is to use time based indices. It's much more efficient IMO.

Thanks for your answer. This request is called in a cronjob and never done manually. I can't use time base indices because some documents will live forever in ES. (new developments ). I just one to find a more secure way to delete documents.

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