When does compression_level change?

We're on Elastic 8.8.1 and about to upgrade to 8.11.3.
Since we have alot of issues with Elastic Agents on our Windows-boxes, esp. when endpoint or agent is being reloaded but also with high cpuutilization (mostly due to endpoint/defend), we really dont want any "change" to apply to all agents simultaniously. In the changelog for 8.11, it says compression_level is being set to 0.

we conscider to create a second Output for elastic, setting compression_level:0 in Advacned YAML, just need to make sure that compression_level will change when the agents on the servers are being upgraded from 8.5.2 to 8.11.3, and that we safely can upgrade our Fleet-server to 8.11.3 without risk of any changes applying to the agents.

Compression level was available in 8.8 as visible in the docs here: Configure the Elasticsearch output | Fleet and Elastic Agent Guide [8.8] | Elastic as it was available in 8.8 whatever setting you apply will apply to all managed agents. Whether that setting you apply represents a change from the current value will depend on the agent version.

From the release notes:

The default compression level for Elasticsearch outputs is changing from 0 to 1.

Prior to 8.11 the default was 0 and starting in 8.11.0 the new default is 1.

Please note this does not impact CPU usage for Elastic defend.

It's also worth noting that the 25% CPU increase referenced is for a worst case scenario of Filebeat pulling logs from a file, performing zero processing on them, and then outputting them to elasticsearch.

In the case of winlogbeat, auditbeat and packetbeat the overall CPU impact is significantly lower as those beats spend a lot of CPU time collecting and processing messages and comparatively less CPU time writing them to elasticsearch and so the overall CPU impact from compression is much lower.

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