When I am registering a repository for snapshot, I have kept the path. repo at all my master and data nodes again am unable to get the repository at verifying repository it is showing not connected and this below error. I have no idea what to do further

"type": "repository_verification_exception", "reason": "[newlocal_repo] a file written by master to the store [/opt/elk/elasticsearch/backup_repo] cannot be accessed on the node [{alab106}{mSm33eUCT2-gvtLTFHD1Sw}{6KbHUH7SQcKvpkafPLUUoQ}{alab106}{}{xpack.installed=true}]. This might indicate that the store [/opt/elk/elasticsearch/backup_repo] is not shared between this node and the master node or that permissions on the store don't allow reading files written by the master node" }, {

Thanks in advance

This may not be the cause of your problem, but on each of your Elasticsearch nodes check the UID and GID of the owner and group on the backup_repo directory. They should be the same.

Thank you I will check on that, thank you for responding.

The UID, GID and groups all id's are same 1001 , again am unable to get it.

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