When is the ValuesSourceAggregationBuilder constructor that takes a StreamInput executed?

I'm having an error with a custom plugin I'm working on. The problem is the error only occurs on a development cluster that takes a long time to make changes to. To develop efficiently I debug everything on a local Elasticsearch instance running in Docker on my laptop, but this isn't throwing the error. I've confirmed that the method throwing the error doesn't even get called on my laptop setup.

The error is thrown from the org.elasticsearch.search.aggregations.support.ValuesSourceAggregationBuilder.java class, in the protected LeafOnly(StreamInput in, ValuesSourceType valuesSourceType, ValueType targetValueType) method.

So when is this method called? At what point in the process of performing an aggregation is this method called? How can I replicated that part of the process in my local setup?

My local test environment was only single node. Due to some red herrings I thought that the error wasn't reproducible with a multi node setup. Ultimately I could reproduce it with a multi node setup. So this constructor is execute when you run an aggregation on an index sharded across multiple nodes

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