When logstash is down , app container fails to start

Hi I run couple of micro-services that write logs to Logstash on ECS,
Unfortunately if Logstash happens to be unavailable, any app-Task container that writes to logstash fails to startup.
How to handle this kind of failures ?

How are you writing yo Logstash? If you are using sockets, this is one of the reasons logging to file from an application is recommended as it reduces dependencies and prevents the ingest pipeline from affecting the application.


so what do you recommend ?

logging to local ephemeral container filesystem and use a second process like filebeat to collect the logs and ship to logstash would be a solution ?

Yes, that is a very common solution.

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That solution sounds reasonable , but what with the case I don't mind loosing the logs , I just want my containers be able to start up . Do you know of any solution to handle that case?

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