When searchable snapshot release?

We have seen search snapshot feature. We are looking forward to know when this feature release?

From the docs, would appear to be in 7.10, as it's in the master and 7.x doc branches.

Then the question becomes when does 7.10 come out, which given that 7.9 came out last week, would imply the average time between releases, which was 1-3 months from 7.6 to 7.9 and as far as I know Elastic folks never predict features or releases, so I'd guess a couple months ...

From what I can see this one is not far off and seems likely to be released this calendar year.
Though we don't provide specific timeframes for features/releases sorry.

@warkolm - Dumb question; if it's in the 7.x branch, is there a reason or common issue where it'd not make the 7.10 release? I'd think docs only get done after the feature is set, built, tested, though I guess some late regressions or issues, or even not enough testing time could get it pushed out?

Also, any practical difference between the master & 7.x doc branches in how they things get into them? I assume new stuff is in master but then pulled to 7.x as committed to that somehow but then only pulled into 7.10 once it's further committed, etc.?

This feature is actually in the 7.9 branch too, but behind flags that prevent it from being used in production. Those flags are still there in the 7.x branch, and will remain in place until it's ready for prime time. You should not draw any conclusions that it will be released in 7.10.

And no, we try not to do the docs as an afterthought, although there's definitely still missing docs for this feature today. The docs also exist in the 7.9 branch, but like the feature itself the docs are elided from the final release.


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