When to use TransportBroadcastOperationAction?

Hi there,

Reading the sources, I'm trying to figure out when to
extend TransportBroadcastOperationAction and when to use other Transport
classes as base. Is there any general guidance? couldn't find any.

More specifically, I'm interested in executing a normal user query (search)
and then process the raw text of the results, sending back the results of
that processing and not the actual results. To parallel the work, I want
each shard to perform the work on its results.

On one hand, it makes sense duplicating the code the TransportSearchActions
use, but on the other hand implementing a Broadcast type action seems to
hide all that complexity (e.g. the Count type which also executes a query).

In case that matters I have one shard per index (but multiple replicas).

Any advice welcome...


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