When will translog file be deleted from disk?

Hi there,

I found in the data directory, there many translog files like *.tlog or *.ckp have been existing for few days.
According to the document, there's a retention setting with default 12 hours. But I'm using 7.5 version and this setting is deprecated.
How can I have those translog files committed to lucene index and be deleted?
Actually for some reason I want to have translog files exist for no longer than 24 hours.


BTW, those translog files seems empty because file size is only few bytes.

Translog files are cleaned up when they're no longer necessary, typically on a flush as long as the flush has other work to do. However the version you're using has a bug which creates empty translog files on a restart; these empty translog files will be cleaned up on the first nontrivial flush, but that could be days (or months) later if it ever happens. The fix is in 7.7.0 so you should upgrade. A temporary workaround is to POST /<INDEXNAME>/_flush?force.

Thanks David.

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