Where are shard relocations and failures logged?


We would like to detect when a shard fails, begins relocating off of a node, and finishes relocating. We do use the metrics that show the count of these active operations, but would like to additionally know the specific shard, index, and nodes involved.

I am aware that we can enable logging at a per-java-package level, but I don't know which logs might have this information. Are there any specific logs that capture this information?

We're using ES 5.6 temporarily, and will be on 7.9 soon.

Thank you!

Shard failures are logged at WARN in the usual server logs. I don't know of any logging specifically for the start/stop of relocations, although you might be able to deduce something from DEBUG or TRACE logging. The usual practice seems to be to poll GET _recovery?active_only. See also this open issue:

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