Where are the elastic password?

i installed with

sudo yum install --enablerepo=elasticsearch elasticsearch
 Package                        Arch                    Version                    Repository                      Size
 elasticsearch                  x86_64                  8.5.0-1                    elasticsearch                  554 M

but not see the pwd on console when install

curl --cacert /etc/elasticsearch/certs/http_ca.crt -u elastic https://localhost:9200
Enter host password for user 'elastic':

If this is the first install, it will run a setup autoconfiguration and print the password and some information before finishing the installation.

If it is not the first install or you didn't copy the password that was print out in the screen you will need to reset it if you do not remember.

You may use the elasticsearch-reset-password to reset it.

Resets the password of users in the native realm and built-in users.

Option (* = required)  Description
---------------------  -----------
-E <KeyValuePair>      Configure a setting
-a, --auto
-b, --batch
-f, --force            Use this option to force execution of the command
                         against a cluster that is currently unhealthy.
-h, --help             Show help
-i, --interactive
-s, --silent           Show minimal output
* -u, --username       The username of the user whose password will be reset
--url                  the URL where the elasticsearch node listens for
-v, --verbose          Show verbose output
ERROR: Missing required option(s) [u/username]
./elasticsearch-reset-password -u kybana_system -i
This tool will reset the password of the [kybana_system] user.
You will be prompted to enter the password.
Please confirm that you would like to continue [y/N]y

Enter password for [kybana_system]:
Re-enter password for [kybana_system]:

ERROR: Failed to reset password for the [kybana_system] user

Why are you reseting the kibana_system user if your issue was with the elastic user?

Did you run it with sudo or sudo -u elasticsearch? You need to.

Try to run with the option -v to show more information about why it could not reset the password.

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