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Hi, I'm new to libbeat and i'm trying to prepare some example to working with my elasticsearch host. But i don't know where is the right place to configure host. I thought that it should be etc/beat.yml but when i do "make update" in mybeat.yml i got two entries with host:
hosts: ["http://myhost:9200"]
and default from vendor/github.com/elastic/beats/libbeat/_meta/config.yml

Array of hosts to connect to.

hosts: ["localhost:9200"]

Where should i configure hosts to not need to edit mybeat.yml after "make update"?

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make update loads the libbeat based settings from beats/libbeat/_meta/config*.yml . These are the global defaults used to build the standard sample config file.

Normally you're not supposed to update this file, as this is the default for packaging. Usually I copy and update the generated file for my tests => having a special directory with multiple configurations. With beats 5.0 one can use -c ... flag multiple times using a second config file overwriting the defaults. This is quite convenient for testing. Alternatively one can overwrite any setting via -E. E.g. run your beat like:

./mybeat -c mybeat.yml -E output.elasticsearch.hosts="http://myhost:9200"

or assuming a separate config file with content:

output.elasticsearch.hosts = ["http://myhost:9200"]

can be used like this:

./mybeat -c mybeat.yml -c myhost.output.yml

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