Where did ParseField and XContentParser go?

I'm trying to change an ES plugin that worked with ES v7.3.0 to work with ES v7.16.3, but it seems like common.ParseField was removed in ES v7.14.0 and common.xcontent.XContentBuilder & common.xcontent.XContentParser were removed in ES v7.16.0

I'm not sure where to start in refactoring my code's usages of ParseField and xcontent. Are there recommended classes to migrate to using or any documentation that would point me how to handle this?

Solution is they were both moved out of org.elasticsearch.common.xcontent to org.elasticsearch.xcontent through Move ParseField to o.e.c.xcontent (#73923) by rjernst · Pull Request #73929 · elastic/elasticsearch · GitHub and https://github.com/elastic/elasticsearch/pull/79061/commits/66689ab0b5b790cb8a8d91664a1bb2f4c7a54cc7

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