Where do I find the indices created by appsearch in elasticsearch?

I am working on a project using appsearch as a search engine, but I need to make a "more like this" query which is not available in appsearch so I need to write the query directly to elasticsearch.

Is there a way to do this ? or am I missing something in appsearch APIs.

We do not publish "internal" index names, and there are reasons for that:

  • we don't want people to change any mappings or settings
  • index names / naming scheme may change in future releases.

As of the current 7.16 release, the App Search indices containing documents would be named according to the following scheme:

.ent-search-engine-documents-[ENGINE NAME]

For example:


You are correct, there's no more_like_this functionality in App Search, at least not yet.

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Thanks @Irina_Truong that was helpfull

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