Change the index name for the App Search indices

Hi Team,

when we index the data to App Search Engine, it is creating an index in Elasticsearch with some hexa-decimal name.
We want to index the data with specific naming conventions. So, is there a way to modify it or customize the index name apart from giving aliases.

Please suggest.

Dharma Sanjay Reddy M.


Unfortunately, index names are not configurable. Can I ask what your use case is for wanting certain naming conventions?


Hi @david.harsha,

Thanks for the response. We are planning to migrate the existing Elasticsearch Cluster data to App Search.
We already have lot of jobs running on specific indices. So once the data is indexed to App Search, we are planning to run those jobs on these indices.
As we only have a hexadecimal index name, we are not able to identify which index belong to which data.
So, just wanted to check if the Alias is the only option or do we have any other workaround.

Dharma Sanjay Reddy M.

Thanks for the extra info. It's mostly not recommended to operate on the underlying app search indices (depending on the operation :slight_smile: ). Alias would be the only option if you are unable to update the queries themselves.

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