Where do integer document IDs in highlighting error messages come from?

Sometimes when searching in Kibana I will get a pop up about failed shards. Inspecting the response shows errors like this one:
The length of [message] field of [32] doc of [my-index] index has exceeded [1000000] - maximum allowed to be analyzed for highlighting. This maximum can be set by changing the [index.highlight.max_analyzed_offset] index level setting. For large texts, indexing with offsets or term vectors is recommended
The error is clear about what the problem is and how to fix it. But what is not clear to me is how to identify the offending document. I initially assumed that 32 was the documents _id, but no such document exists in the index in question. Generally, all documents in my index have alphanumeric hashes as their _id, but the error message always shows an integer. Is there any way I can use the integer from the error message to identify the document?

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Is there anything in the Elasticsearch logs at this time that might help?

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