Where does client connect when using dedicated master nodes?

Using ES 1.4.3 and Java 1.8_31

4 servers of 32core, 128GB RAM, 4TB data

So 128 cores, 512GB RAM, 16TB data total

Two questions...

Question 1- Because I have such "wonderful" machines I have decided to run
dedicated master nodes on the same physical machines as the data nodes
running in same OS instance but separate JVM. Is it even worth it or should
I just us default config until I can get real physical machines for masters?

So I have...

server1:9000 (http of master node)
server1:9100 (tcp of master node)
server1:9200 (http of data node)
server1:9300 (tcp of data node)

server2:9000 (http of master node)
server2:9100 (tcp of master node)
server2:9200 (http of data node)
server2:9300 (tcp of data node)

server3:9000 (http of master node)
server3:9100 (tcp of master node)
server3:9200 (http of data node)
server3:9300 (tcp of data node)

server4:9200 (http of data node)
server4:9300 (tcp of data node)

Master nodes configured to 4GB of RAM
Data nodes to 30GB of RAM

Question 2: When running dedicated master nodes, do we configure the
clients to connect to the master nodes or to the actual data nodes?

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