Where eleasticsearch is store the data

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Where eleasticsearch is store the data??

Each node stores it in the path(s) specified through the path.data setting in the elasticsearch.yml file. The default location depends on the operating system and how you installed Elasticsearch.

i see on my elasticsearch.yml --> path.data: /var/lib/elasticsearch

[root@atdevxhv03 elasticsearch]# ls
elasticsearch java_pid10887.hprof java_pid1235.hprof java_pid14871.hprof java_pid9070.hprof java_pid993.hprof nodes

i see this structure

[root@atdevxhv03 indices]# ls
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[root@atdevxhv03 indices]# pwd

The data can only read from Kibana?

No, you can access it directly through the Elasticsearch APIs as well, and there are language clients for most popular programming languages that make this easier.

What is it you are looking to do?

How i can access it through ElasticSearch APIs or from language clients?

I have configured my ELK server on a Centos 7 server and i have 5-6 clients with centos that i am sending their logs to ELK Server using the filebeats deamon which is installed in each centos client.
If i understand well the Logstash service that is running on the ELK server parses these logs from the clients and then it send them on the elasticsearch service who store them somewhere.

From my Kibana interface i am able to see them using indexes patterns . In my case the index pattern is filebeat*

For example from my json files that i get i see this "_index": "filebeat-2018.06.22"

So all the logs today are stored on "_index": "filebeat-2018.06.22" ?

Where i can see the logs that i got yestarday? for example the "_index": "filebeat-2018.06.21". Where all these indexes are stored?

Create a filebeat-* index pattern in Kibana. I would also recommend going through the getting started guide if you have not already. This webinar might also be useful.

ok thanks a lot!!

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