Where is Logstash installed by default?

I have a CentOS machine that I recently installed Logstash on, using the following command:

sudo yum install logstash

The command executed successfully and Logstash was installed, as shown in the screenshot below:

However, now I can't find where the install location is. I'm trying to install the Syslog plugin using the instructions here. However, I can't execute the plugin manager script -- located at bin/logstash-plugin -- because Logstash doesn't seem to be installed there.

Where is Logstash installed, so that I can execute the logstash-plugin manager?

I would expect yum to install the logstash rpm under /usr/share. If you cannot find it then try

 find / -type d -name logstash -print

You were correct! /usr/share was where the Logstash files were. Thank you!

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