Where should I use the nodejs client library?

This may be an stupid question, but if I wanted to integrate a search box in my website, where should I use the nodejs client library for elasticsearch?


I mean I don't want to manage any server nor cluster instead I wanted to use serverless functions, my understanding is that there is no official elasticsearch browser library to search my indexes?

Does that mean that I need a secured enviroment (Server) from where to search my index?

If I'm not wrong my web app will send the user query to a serverless function endpoint, extract the query from the request body and pass it to elasticsearch nodejs lib, return the search to the browser, right?

BTW I'm using bonsai for launching the cluster, they gave me an elasticsearch URL access, which I'm guessing is used as

const client = new Client({ node: 'https://username:password@cluster-name-1234567891.us-west-2.bonsaisearch.net:443' })

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