Which ES setup is better for performance

Hey Experts,

I have a server with 20 GB RAM. As per the recommendation by ES community we can allocate 50% of the memory for ES JVM, which setup would result in faster performance

One node with 10 GB RAM
Two node with 5 GB RAM each

Our index would have 5 shards and one replica


Please define "faster performance"

  • lowest latency for single document indexing
  • indexing throughput per second
  • response time for a single term query
  • query response throughput per second
  • indexing and query throughput per second
  • per node
  • per cluster
  • etc.

General note: if you have only a single server, you can not get much performance, no matter if 1 or 2 JVM. Use a cluster for maximum throughput performance.

Sorry that I didnt define what is faster performance for us. It would be indexing and query throughput per second.

would the two different setups make any difference even if it is to an certain extent?