Which index structure for categories and shop filtering

Hi !

After searching this forum I've still not found what I'm looking for:

I've a product catalog (100k~500k) with categories and shops selling these products.
products are in categories (multiple levels, if possible)
shops contain between 100~1000 products (and 1 product can be in many (~70) shops)
When a shop is created, I want to index its products (and avoid duplicating them if they already exist, they usually do)

My goal is to research a product (with facultative fitering on category or shop Id).

Which index structure + search structure should I choose ?

I started with a single index, single type, adding a 'shopId' field to each product. But products can be in multiple shops (-> multiple shop IDs in the field), so the shop filtering is not very handy, and probably not very efficient.

I tried to use a category context in a context suggester, but I did not understand what it was really about, and didn't manage to implement it.

Should I create an index type for each shop ? (duplicating all products, but more efficient search by shop I guess)

I thank you in advance for your help :slight_smile:


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