Which is the main path URL routing file of kibana 6.2.1

Hi all,

The thing which I want to accomplish is to have a control over all the internal path routing of kibana, I want to make my own login page in which based on the user I want to hide some of the routes and tabs like management, Dev-tools, Timelion and also from the top nav bar hide the share and clone tabs.

I want to do the changes from the src code and not able to find the main routing file where all the routing paths are mentioned.

It will be a lot more of your help if some body can guide me in doing this as I am new to kibana development and also kindly let me know which is the main routing file of kibana.

Many thanks in advance.

The kibana version is 6.2.1 and I am using windows 10 as my OS

There is not a single file that contains routing. Kibana is designed around letting plugins add functionality, so routing is added by plugins.

Kibana currently uses angular for client-side routing, so look for uiRoutes.when method calls. Kibana uses hapi.js for server-side routing, so look for server.route method calls.

I would not recommend implementing a custom security solution. Kibana is rapidly changing and any custom solution will not have an upgrade path.

I would recommend trying x-pack security and seeing if it meets your needs.

Thanks a lot Nathan for your great help here.!!

also it would be a lot more of your help if you could suggest me where to learn plugin development in windows environment any documents where detailed plugin development steps for windows environment are given and how to do plugin version controlling for each new kibana version release.

Thanks in advance.

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