Which node is used for transforms?

Hi there,
I'm new to this community.

I'm wondering which kind of node (data, ingest, etc) is used to run transforms.
I've defined 2 different transforms and I'm trying to understand why cpu usage on data nodes is raising.
Is there an API or something to know which node is doing what? I've tried the /_nodes/hot_threads API and I can see that the most CPU-intensive action is [refresh],
a little vague to understand what is happening.

Cluster information:

  • ES version: 7.5.2
  • master nodes: 3
  • data nodes: 3
  • ingest nodess: 2
  • environment: kubernetes 1.16 - rke
    NOTE: elasticsearch cluster deployed with ECK operator 1.0


Hi @Federico_Bevione,

Transforms run on data nodes. If you have multiple transforms running they will try to load balance across the available data nodes.

You can also use the task management API to look at which tasks are running where. Notice that this is a low level API that you should primarily use for learning and troubleshooting, not for building applications against.

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