Which node to apply Active Directory configuration

Hi all!
I'm working on Elasticsearch Cluster with 10 ES nodes for my client's project on production and already created cluster with 3 ES nodes on development .
Nodes are like below:

  • Production
    6 Hot (3 of them includes master role)
    2 Warm
    2 Cold
  • Development
    2 Hot (includes master role)
    1 Warm (includes master role)

My client's about to test active directory configuration on development cluster first.
Here's the question:

  • To apply active directory configuration, are all nodes need to be configured?
  • Or are there specific nodes that need to be configured?

Thanks in advance!

All nodes need to have the configuration applied.

Thanks for the reply. @warkolm
Is it because all nodes have possibility to authenticate users?


You saved my day!

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