Which Ports for Logstash and FileBeat

I'm trying to understand which ports Logstash listens on when sending logs from FileBeat to Logstash.

In the logstash.yml we see http.port: 9600-9700 descibed as "Bind address for the metrics REST endpoint".

In the filebeat.yml we see #hosts: ["localhost:5044"] described as *The Logstash hosts".

Not clear to me what either setting means and it does not get clearer reading the docs which mirror the yml comments.

Logstash's http.port setting chooses on which port Logstash should expose its management API. It has nothing to do with the Filebeat communication. Ignore it for now.

Filebeat's hosts setting points to the hostname and port where you have configured Logstash's beats input plugin to listen. Port 5044 is frequently used but you can pick any unused port.

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