Which query type gives me docs which contains maximum number of user typed terms?


I want to use a query type which gives me docs with maximum number of
matching terms with user typed terms. I'm using standard tokenizer along
with lowercase,asciifolding,suggestions_shingle and edgengrams token
filters for both index and search analyzer. Right now I'm using custom
score query but it is not giving me terms which contains exact/maximum
number of user typed terms. for eg,

If I search for "delhi t", it gives me:

delhi 6
delhi to new york -----> after analysis this contains more matching terms
delhi 7
delhi to hyderabad ----> same case here

But in my docs collections, I have many delhi to docs, so
ideally it should give me those docs which contains "delhi t" as one of the
terms since there is exact match.

Is there any way by which I can change my custom score query to achieve
this ?

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