While concatenating two large text field using scripted field, if string length are long not able to concatenate

Not able to concatenating two string fields in kibana using the painless script, having a very large string. My scripts are as follow :-:
if (doc['ERROR'].size() != 0 && doc['ABORT'].size() != 0 && doc['FAIL'].size()!=0 && doc['STATUS 502'].size()!=0) {
'<<<Error'+doc['ERROR'].value+'>>><<Fail:'+doc['FAIL'].value+'>><<Abort:'+doc['ABORT'].value+'>><<<STATUS 502:'+doc['STATUS 502'].value+'>>>'
"No Desciption"
here Error field data is too long so in scripted field result not able to concatenate. and when i further investigate it doc['field'].size() return null value.

What's the error you're getting?

getting no error data is not loading in place of data it is showing else condition, Infact data is present there.

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