While sending iis logs from filebeat to logstash few feilds do not get populated

While sending IIS logs from filebeat --> Logstash --> ElasticSearch --> Kibana , we lose couple of fields like (user_agent and geo location ) even after applying GROK pattern inside logstash FILTER.

Hence couple of visualization (access map , browser breakdown) in IIS default dashboard do not show any data.

We have to send IIS logs to logstash ( and not directly to ElasticSearch) because we also need to send application logs from filebeat to logstash from same server ( and we can send log to EITHER logstash or elastic search only)

So , do you know any way to pull useragent and geoip fields ?

The only other way we know is to configure 2 filebeat on client (application servers ).


It will send IIS logs to Elastic search ( and NOT through logstash )


It will send application logs to logstash (where we will apply grok pattern ) and then to Elastic search

We tried installing below plugins in logstash
bin\logstash-plugin install logstash-filter-useragent
bin\logstash-plugin install logstash-filter-geoip

But still it does not show DATA in following fields in kibana index pattern


Please let me know if you have any solution

FIlebeat , Kibana , Logstash and Elastic Search ( all on v 7.5.1)

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