Whitespace tokenizer


I'm actually using standard tokenizer wich contains whitespace tokenizer.
The problem is that i want to separate a sentence by tokens with whitespace but i also want the entire sentence as token. How is this possible ?

Concrete example:

want to parse "Hello How Are You" in these tokens --> ["hello","how","are","you","hello how are you"].

My actual config :

    "analysis": {
      "analyzer": {
        "smd_analyzer": {
          "type": "custom", 
          "tokenizer": "standard",
          "char_filter": [
          "filter": [
      "char_filter": {
	        "smd_filter": {
	          "type": "pattern_replace",
	          "pattern": "(\\p{L}+)'(\\p{L}+)",
	          "replacement": "$0 $1 $2"
	        "smd_length": {
	          "type": "length",
	          "min": 2
	  	    "smd_stop": {
		      "type": "stop",
	          "ignore_case": true,
	          "stopwords": [ "LE", "LA", "LES", "DU", "DES", "OU", "ET", "SI", "STE", "CIE","SOC", "GEN", "GIE", "NV", "SA", "SARL", "ST", "BS", "CP", "CV","DA", "DS", "OAT", "TP", "TSDI", "TSR", "ZZ"]

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