Why are my indexes automatically removed?

I have a problem with my elastic instance, after a few days of creating and uploading data to my indexes they are automatically deleted, I don't understand why it's happening and I don't see any message in the logs that can understand the reason

Is your instance available on the internet? Does it have any authentication?

From what you shared it seems that your instance is available on the internet without authentication and someone is deleting your indices.

Just before the delete messages you can see that there is a creation of an index named read_me, which was probably created by the same person that deleted your indices.

Ah, well, if it's available to the internet, it's a development instance, is there any simple guide to add authentication to each request to the api? I have my instance in docker with version 8.5.3

and well, reviewing the content of that index I see that they are asking for a ransom for it, xD but it is test data so there is no problem,

In version 8 security is enabled per default, to have a cluster without authentication you would need to explicitly disable security.

How are you running your docker? I do not use docker, but I recommend that you follow the documentation.

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