Why are you wrong?

It's wrong?

{[status_do_titulo:="Em negociação" & status_do_titulo:="Acionado" & status_do_titulo:="Novo",{"range":{"dt captura":{"lte":"now-1M/M"}}}]}

This is a metric-filter


Can you provide more context to your message. Which build are you using? what are the steps to reproduce, etc ?


I am creating a view (visual builder)
And this view has specific rules to add a value
In which the fields are equal: status = 1 and status = 2 and status = 5 and the lowest date prior to the current month.

That way I can get the status

Status_of_title: = 1 & status_of_the_title: = 2 & status_of_the_title: = 5 & {"Range": {"capture dt": {"lte": "now-1M / M"}}} <- fail
I would like to place the date constraint ... type this
{"Range": {"capture dt": {"lte": "now-1M / M"}}}

Someone gives you a hand or a

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