Why disk free space is very low in the early morning ?

the free disk is very low in the early morning,and my zabbix will warning。
but it will be ok at few minutes later。
can u help me?
think u very much !

Hi X-Mars,

Do you have any scheduled task activity around that time?

For example any force optimize activity on large indices will use additional storage to write out new segments and then eventually delete old segments that have been merged to those new ones. This type of activity will cause a short term use of additional storage which will be freed again after the task has completed.

Another type of scheduled task activity that comes to mind is log rotation.
If using the copytruncate feature in a logrotate configuration, any large log files will first be copied sideways and once the copy is completed, the original log file is then truncated, so this would use up n+1 disk space for a log file and then the truncation would return the disk space back again.

Also zipping/compression of logs might incur additional disk storage until the zip is completed and the original uncompressed log is removed.

Best to check your cron logs to see what might be running around that time.
Zabbix should show the start of the disk usage growth which is how you might best pinpoint the time that particular tasks are triggering.