Why do I have mappings for types that do not exist in my index?

The way I understand it, ES automatically determines the mappings as best it can when there is not a template match for a given type.

That's all fine and dandy but what about this situation?

My Type Count Pastebin

It clearly reports that I have syslog and logs for types but my mappings reports different:

The Mappings Pastebin

So my question is two part: where is elasticsearch getting these mappings from and why do they exist when the types do not exist in my index?

ES newbie

Which types are you not expecting?

Any type with a count of 0.

Ok, except there aren't an if that first link :stuck_out_tongue:

To self-answer: they come from templates, curl 'localhost:9200/_template/*?pretty'

That makes sense, unlike my last post!