Why does hyphenation_decompounder require word_list?

HyphenationCompoundWordTokenFilterFactory inherits from AbstractCompoundWordTokenFilterFactory , which performs a mandatory check for a supplied word_list.

As the underlying lucene HyphenationCompoundWordTokenFilter does not require a word_list, is there a specific requirement, why it must be supplied for elasticsearch?

In my use case, I'd like to avoid specifying in advance all possible matching subwords.


Ok, I managed to work around this creating a custom analysis plugin that creates the HyphenationCompoundWordTokenFilter without wordlist.

However, applying the decompunder on index and search time I got unexpected results: at query time, all decompounded subwords seem to be treated as synonyms, so all documents containing just one subword get the same score as documents containing more(?).

I expected the token to be split in mulitple terms which are scored individually so documents containing both of the are ranked higher. This is same expectation as @singer had in #11749, I suppose.

explain results seem to indicate, that any subword is treated as a synonym for the complete compounded word(?):

> "description" : "weight(Synonym(collector.default:scherenbosteler collector.default:scherenbostelerstrasse collector.default:strasse) in 912) [PerFieldSimilarity], result of:",

How could I change this behaviour?

See also this stackoverflow question, if you could provide an explanation for weight(Synonym())

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Seems that reusing the original start/end offset advices the QueryBuild to build a SynonymQuery as it collects all terms with a zero position increment in the uncleared currentQuery.

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