Why Elasticsearch delete repository API only removes reference

I am using Elasticsearch API to delete the Elasticsearch repository and Elasticsearch locations. But in both cases, Physical folders remain intact in the file system.
I read in the documentation that delete API only removes the references and keeps the physical files untouched.
Why Elasticsearch does not delete the repository/location from the physical location?
Does it expect clients to do it?
Are there any APIs available from Elastic to delete the repository and location from the file system?


Removing a repository does not remove the snapshots.

So you need to remove the snapshots first and then you can remove the repository.

ok, sure. So, if I remove the snapshot first and then remove the repository will it delete the repository from the file system as well?

It won't cleanup everything as I believe that some few metadata files might still exist.

But what are you trying to solve?

I need to delete the repository/location folder from the file system after the repository/location is deleted from Elasticsearch.
But like you said, Elastic leaves some metadata files. So, could it be useful in the future? Should I be worried before deleting the folder from the file system manually?

Just rm -r the dir and you'll be done.

Sure, Thanks for the help @dadoonet.

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