Why is the product of average latency and average throughput greater than the number of clients (Little's Law)?

I have recently studied Little's law, and I want to verify my understanding through the data from Rally, envisioning that the number of clients = average latency x average throughput.
I have selected the track and challenge as follows:
--track=geonames --challenge=append-fast-with-conflicts
But when querying rally-metrics, it seems that the result is greater than the number of clients (8):

The average throughput is 60754 docs/s, divided by the Bulk size (5000) to get 12.15 ops/s, and the average latency is 0.703s, so their product is 8.54.

Is there anything I might have a problem with, or any details I might have overlooked? :hushed:I am quite puzzled by these results, hoping for your help to solve my problem, thank you very much.